Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Town Office Hours?

We are open 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On Thursday, we are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

When is the Transfer Station Open?

The Transfer Station hours are Thursday and Friday 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm (effective 5/1/2010) and Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

What do I need to get into the Transfer Station?

Transfer Station Stickers must be displayed on the driver’s side of the vehicle windshield. They are available at the Town Office and at the Transfer Station with proof of residency.

Where do I get garbage bags and what are the fees?

Garbage bags are available at the Town Office or the Transfer Station and cost $1.00 each/35 gallon and 2.00/55 gallon (35 gallon/5.00 per sleeve of 5 and 55 gallon/20.00 per sleeve of 10)
Transfer Station Fees are:
Household Trash:  per yard 12.00
Tires: Motorcycle – 1.30, Passenger – 2.00, Race Car – 2.50, Truck (17.5 & up) – 10.00, Super Singles – 14.00. All tires on rims are double the fee for that type of tire.
Demolition Debris (DEMO): 17.00 per yard , Sleeper Sofa – 6.00, Full Size Sofa – 5.00, Recliner Chair – 4.00, Love Seat – 4.00, King Size Mattress or Box Spring – 6.00, Queen or Full Size – 5.00, Twin Size – 4.00, Crib Mattress – 2.00, Most TV’s (except floor models) – 5.00, Large TV – 10.00, Computer Monitor – 5.00
White Goods and Metals:  Refrigerator – 10.00, Kitchen Stove – 3.00, Hot Water Heater – 3.00, Household Freezer – 10.00, Air Conditioner – 10.00, Washing Machine – 3.00, Dryer – 3.00, Dishwasher – 3.00, Riding Mower (fuel drained and battery removed) – 3.00, Furnace – 3.00.
Rechargeable up to two (2) pounds, Small Batteries (Nickel, Zinc, Lithium, Button Cells, Lead Acid) FREE
Standard Fluorescent Lamps ALL SIZES – FREE
U Lamps, Circles and Compacts HID Lamps – FREE
PCB, DEHP, Magnetic and Electronic Ballasts – .50 cents
Unlisted items are charged at the discretion of the Transfer Station Attendant. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Special Open Fee – One Hour Attendants Pay Rate.

How do I renew my car or truck registration?

You must come to the town office, bring a current insurance card (check the date to make sure the policy has started and is not expired), bring your current (old) registration, know the mileage, pay the excise tax and then you can re-register. Due to the fact that we are now doing registrations on the State of Maine computer system we can no longer look up your old registration, so please don’t forget to bring your old one. Check your inspection sticker to make sure that it is still valid each year.

How do I register my brand new car or truck?

First, you must pay the excise tax in your town of residence. We do not quote excise tax over the phone. You will need the window sticker (listing options, prices, gas mileage) from your new vehicle in order to pay it. You will also need the sales tax form, the blue copy of the title application, proof of current insurance (insurance card with a valid date), current mileage and the previous registration of the vehicle traded or sold from which plates are being transferred, if you are tranferring plates.

I just bought a used car or truck in a private sale. What do I need to register it?

You will need a bill of sale, a current insurance card, with a date that has taken effect and not expired and has the proper VIN printed on it. You will also need the Title (for 1995 or newer), and Release of Lien form if applicable.

What do I need to register a boat?

For a new registration, please bring the bill of sale and the old registration numbers if they are on the boat and it was previously registered in Maine by the last owner. State sales tax based on the purchase price will be collected on private sales. Dealers collect the sales tax at the time of purchase – please bring the green sales tax form they provide you. For a renewal the excise is calculated based on the boat’s age, length and the horsepower. The Inland Fisheries fees are now also based on horsepower. All boat registrations expire on Dec. 31.
Beginning in 2002 all motorized watercraft on inland waters must display a Lake and River Protection Sticker (Milfoil). The cost for these stickers is $10 for residents, $20 for non-residents. The money collected will go to educate boaters, train volunteers, inspect boats and trailers, all to help stop the spread of invasive plant species from other states.

What do I need to register a Snowmobile, ATV or Boat?

For a renewal, just bring the old registration. For a new registration, when purchased from a dealer, bring the green sales tax form they provide you. If it was bought in a private sale, you will need the bill of sale which includes the serial number. For boats, the motor horsepower, length and Maine-assigned registration numbers (if previously registered) are also needed. Sales tax of 5% is collected on private sales.

How do I get a Hunting or Fishing license?

They are available at the Town Office. New residents must be a resident of Maine for at least 3 months and vehicle registration and driver’s license must be issued by the State of Maine. You must bring proof of a previous hunting (or archery) license or a Safe Hunter’s Card.

How do I get a Marriage License?

For Maine residents, you must complete and file an application. If you have been previously married you must bring a certified copy of a divorce decree or death certificate. Both of you must sign the license in the presence of the Town Clerk before it can be issued. Maine residents shall record notice of their intentions in the office of the clerk of the town in which at least one of them resides. For non-Maine residents, you may file in any town office and you are free to marry anywhere in the state. (We suggest you get it in the town you get married in-when needing a copy, its an easy way to remember where you got it) You both must also sign an affidavit stating that it is legal for you to get married in your home state.

How do I register to vote?

New residents and new voters can register to vote any time in the Town Office as well as on election day. You must bring proof of residency at the time you register.

Do I need to license my dog? How much is it?

Dogs need to be licensed at 6 months of age or within 10 days of ownership. You will need a current rabies certificate issued by a State of Maine licensed Veterinarian and a spay or neutering certificate if it has been done. Dogs must be re-licensed by January 1st each year and after the 31st a $25.00 late charge is assessed. The fee to license your dog is $6.00 if they are spayed or neutered and $11.00 if not.

How do I get a Building Permit?

Building Permit Applications are available at the Town Office or you can download them from the forms section. Fill out the front page, sign and date it, turn the page and draw a sketch of the proposed building, addition or deck. Follow the instructions on the second page and leave the application and the sketch at the Town Office. You can mail your application to the Code Officer, 167 Western Rd., Warren ME 04864 if you prefer and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. The addition of one or more bedrooms may require a sewer or septic permit and upgrade.
Be aware, the DOT rules have changed. Your new driveway, and sometimes existing driveways now require a DOT permit is issued before a Building Permit can be issued.

I want to: open a business, build a house, deck or shed…

Starting a business almost always requires Planning Board approval and some permits. Building most structures also requires one or more permits. When planning for any of the projects mentioned above you should stop by and get a Building Permit Application and possibly a copy of the ordinances which apply to your project. All of our ordinances are available at the Town Office for a nominal fee. You can also download the forms and most of the ordinances from the site, for free.

How do I get a septic permit?

In order to get a septic permit you will need the services of a State of Maine Site Evaluator. Once you choose a Site Evaluator they will visit the site, dig a few test holes and design a system to meet your needs. They will give you at least three copies of the design on an HHE-200 form. Bring THREE copies to the Town Office, sign and date the front page near the top. Leave all three copies at the Town Office, someone will call you as soon as possible. Most applications are processed within a day or two.

How do I get in touch with the Warren Sanitary District?

The Warren Sanitary District is not part of Town Government. In order to get in touch with them you may call them at 273-2047 or by mail at PO Box 447, Warren ME 04864.

Do I need to check with DOT for my driveway?

Yes, if your property will access a State Road, such as Rt. 90, Rt. 97, Rt. 1, Rt. 131 or a State Aid Road, such as Main St. or Wottons Mill Rd.

I want to put my RV down by the water. What do I do?

Most of the water bodies, streams and rivers in Warren are regulated by the Shoreland Use Ordinance. Individual campsites in Warren Shoreland Zoning do require permits. Download or stop by and fill out an application and drop it off at the Town Office.

When are Property Taxes due?

Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes are due by November 15 and interest is charged on the unpaid balance after that date. Please include your bill or your account number with your payment to assure the proper credit to your account. We welcome partial payments on all accounts.

How can I find my property tax valuation?

On the opening page of the website click on Tax Information, click on Tax Commitment 2012 … All of the information is sorted by Map and Lot so you will need to know what your Map # and Lot # are. It is now also listed alphabetically. If you need to find your map and lot numbers you can click on 2012 Tax Maps … to locate your property for the numbers.  Note: If your browser does not open with a search box -hold down the control key and hitting the letter “F”. A search box should appear.

How do I get a Burning Permit?

To request a Burning Permit you may call anyone from the list below:
Chief Greg Andrews at 273-1781
Ed (Jr) Grinnell at 273-2743
Tiffany Emery at 273-3003 – weekdays only
Richard Sprowl at 273-2191
Clayton Winchenbach at 273-2622

How do I get in touch with the Selectmen?

The Selectmen in Warren meet every other week (Wednesday) at 7:00 pm at the Town Office.

How do i apply for/renew a concealed weapons permit?

You come to the Town Office and fill out an application. It takes up to 4 months to get complete the process. The State Police are no longer issuing them for the Town of Warren.

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