Budget Committee

Paul Andrews -Expires 2018
Pamela Mason -Expires 2018
Edward Courtenay -Expires 2019
Anthony Jameson -Expires 2019
Mark Waltz -Expires 2019
George Knutsen -Expires 2018
Grant Watmough – Expires 2020
John Crabtree -Expires 2019
Joseph “Ike” Johnson -Expires 2020
Brad Beverage -Expires 2020
William Lufkin – Expires 2010
Christine Wakely – Expires 2019
Jan MacDonald – Expires 2020

  • FY 17-18 Proposed Budget Attached is the proposed budget which can also be found under the Town Reports Section of the website. (Apologies for the orientation, but I was unable to get it to stay horizontal) FY 17-18 Proposed Budget